A picture of myself.


Software Engineer

Hi, my name is Thales Agapito, and I'm a Software Engineer based in Brazil that loves programming and creating cool new stuff.
In this page you'll learn more about my interests, my work, and how to contact me.
If you're looking for my CV it's right here.

About me

I'm 25 years old and have been programming since I was 15.
I love learning and creating new things, which is why I'm always working on a side project.
I'm a fan of easy to use, good looking products that leave a lasting impression, so I'm always reading about and trying out new tools and tech in my projects.
Some of my other interests are sneakers, photography and rap music.

A pair of white Nike Blazer sneakers.blazerscool shoes!
Album cover of the critically acclaimed Piñata by Freddie Gibbs.piñatacool album!

My work

Even though I'm (mostly) a Frontend Engineer, I have been known to work with varied technologies when needed.
You can see below the different fields I've worked on and my experience in them:
  • Frontend:
    Vue logo.TailwindCSS logo.TypeScript logo.Jest logo.
    Working primarily with Vue (both 2 and 3), I've structured complete frontends for multiple projects. I also have some experience with React, but not as much.
    Other experiences in the field include: TypeScript, Unit Testing with Jest, writing CSS with TailwindCSS and creating a Component Library with Storybook.
  • Backend:
    TypeScript logo.GraphQL logo.Jest logo.
    Working primarily with Node + TypeScript, I've structured complete REST and GraphQL APIs for multiple projects.
    I've worked primarily with relational databases such as PostgreSQL and MySQL but also had some experience with non-relational databases such as DynamoDB.
    Other experiences in the field include: Prisma ORM, Unit Testing with Jest and creating a Web Scraper.
  • Devops:
    AWS logo.
    I have experience with AWS, and have used varied services in multiple projects. Some of my favorites include Lambda functions for cheap and scalable code, Cloudfront CDN + S3 for blazing fast static sites (like the one you're in right now) and DynamoDB/RDS for simple cloud-hosted databases.

My projects

While I have worked for multiple companies, I also like developing my own ideas in my free time. Here are some of the highlights:
  • Personal page:
    Github logo.
    The page you're on right now was developed in 2021 using Vue 3, Typescript and TailwindCSS. It is statically generated and deployed using AWS Amplify.
  • Luftcare: Initially conceived at the 2018 NASA Space Apps Hackathon Curitiba (which we won locally and were Global Award nominees), the project centered around a way to provide better care for asthma patients using technology. It evolved into a tool for doctors to monitor their patients health remotely.
    Using Apollo, TypeGraphQL and TypeORM, I created an API that allowed the creation, submission, and scoring of medical questionnaires.
    With Vue and Element UI, I created a web admin panel for doctors that provided them tools for creating these questionnaires and monitoring their responses.
    I also created an app with Flutter for the patients to submit their form responses.
    Unfortunately, the project was discontinued in 2020 due to health concerns over conducting research during the pandemic.
    Read more about it here.
  • There's more!I just haven't had the time to write them all down.
    But ask me about Strassen, Hangloos, or what I'm currently working on and I'll be happy to tell you.

Contact me

If you got all the way down here I can only assume you read everything (and/or your mouse scroll wheel works like a charm!). Either way, thank you for the attention!
If you'd like to contact me for anything, project ideas, consulting, etc. you can reach me through Email or Linkedin.
You can also follow me on Github to check out my projects.