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Over 7 years of development experience, passionate about writing beautiful and clean code. Problem solver with a proactive attitude, always willing to go the extra mile. Contributed to many open source projects, designed and developed complete architectures for multiple applications.


Vue / Nuxt
In-depth knowledge of Vue 2/3 and Nuxt, mostly using Typescript.
Very familiar with many of the ecosystem's libraries, like Pinia, Vue Router, VueUse, etc.
Strong experience in unit testing with Jest and Vue Testing Library. Strong experience with E2E testing with Playwright and Cypress.
Experience implementing responsive UIs and knowledge about UX design principles, worked with Figma and Adobe XD.
Strong experience with Tailwind CSS, Tailwind UI, Headless UI and related projects.
DevOps / Cloud
Familiarity with CI/CD tools such as AWS CodePipeline and Github actions.
Experience with AWS services like Lambda, EC2, Cloudfront and RDS.
Good understanding of build tools like Webpack and Vite.
Strong experience in event tracking with Mixpanel, wrote scaffolding and documentation to empower peers with the tool.
Experience in health monitoring and error tracking with Sentry.

Work experience

Frontend Engineer, Wunderite

Boston, MAFeb 2022 - Current
  • Lead the initiative to create and document a new component library using Storybook. Organized the file structure and setup guidelines for creating new components. Also automated visual regression testing using Chromatic.
  • Cut main app load time in half. Also decreased main app bundle size by ~50% using a variety of methods, like code-splitting, dropping unused packages, etc.
  • Researched and meticulously planned a Vue 2 to Vue 3 migration, accounting for every code and package change. Executed said plan within the span of a yearspan of a year, with minimal impact on the team and the product.
  • Contributed to the documentation and establishment of patterns and standards for frontend code.
  • Structured and documented the process for E2E testing using Playwright, as well as unit testing with Jest.

Head of Frontend, EngagED

Curitiba, BrazilNov 2020 — Feb 2022
  • Coordinated and worked on the rewrite of Angular projects, migrating to Vue.
  • Revamped the devops process using multiple AWS services to reduce costs, increase availability and improve performance under heavy loads.

Previous experiences

undefined2017 - Nov 2020
  • Varied work including React, Angular, PHP, Java and JS/TS development.

Other experiences

NASA Space Apps Hackathon 2018 Winner

Curitiba, Brazil
  • Developed a local award winning and global nominee solution. Using Nativescript-Vue, I created a PoC app for asthma patients to monitor their treatment.
  • The project evolved into a tool for doctors to create and evaluate health questionnaires. It was discontinued in 2020 due to health concerns regarding research during the pandemic.

Strassen - Sneaker marketplace

Curitiba, Brazil
  • Using Prisma and Nexus GraphQL, I created an API for management and buy/sell operations for a sneaker marketplace.
  • Using Vue and TypeScript, I developed an admin dashboard and a public website for users to buy and sell their sneakers.
  • The project uses many AWS services, such as S3, RDS, Cloudfront CDN and Lambda Functions.